First and foremost I want to tell you how cool it is that you’re looking to become or have already chosen to be an entrepreneur that wants to or is working full time with dogs.

Even more important, I’m super grateful you’ve decided to land on this page and consider working more closely with me as a coach & mentor. I don’t take that lightly.

I’m passionate about dogs AND people. I love to help others and connect with those who are interested in learning.

Now, as much as I love helping people start & Grow their dog business, i’ll be honest I don’t work with anyone and everyone. The truth is there are lots of people who are chasing empty “get rich quick” promises or searching for easy cash solutions and sometimes personalities just don’t click.

I can provide for you if you’re motivated and willing to learn new skills to teach your dog manners and how to behave socially. This is one of the most prominent courses that will not only help you to learn various dog obedience commands and to start a dog walking & daycare business.

The course has been designed to deal with various social behavior problems usually seen in dogs such as digging holes, jumping on people, barking and pulling off the clothes. If you notice your dog is anxious, nervous or apprehensive, enroll for specialized obedience training classes for dogs.

Likewise my time is valuable and I want to invest it in the right people. I respect my time and yours…so let’s not waste it.



5 Easy Steps to Get a Steady Stream of Clients for your Dog Business

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Here Are A Few Things I Look For When Considering Working With Someone:

  • Someone who is coachable and wants to be told what they need to hear vs. just what they want to hear.
  • Someone with ambition, goals, and dreams
  • Someone hungry, with a burning desire for success
  • Someone dependable and self motivated
  • Someone who cares more about achieving their dreams than they do about what others think