My name is Daniel Rose, I’m from sunny Townsville in North Queensland Australia.

I’m 33 and work full time with dogs and people from my Doggy Day Care, Grooming & Training center.

Daniel Rose teaching puppyDogs have been my business since my early 20’s when I started out conducting Dog Obedience training.

I didn’t realize initially that I could make a living out of doing something that I loved. It took me a good 6 months, then I decided to set up my businesses. Looking back, that was the turning point for me when I realized that I could make this dog stuff work.

At Dogs Are My Business obedience school for dogs, my goal is to progress the relationship between you and your dog. For starting a dog daycare & boarding business at home you can take up online dog obedience & behavior training classes and certification.

Address all behavior issues such as barking unduly, having aggression towards the owner or the other dogs, jumping over people, dragging off the clothes or digging in the backyard and train your dog through various professional commands for dog obedience and behavior.

Since that my early beginning I’ve developed other dog related business including online retail businesses.

I established Dogs Are My Business to help you do the same.

My goal is to just show you what works for me in the hope that it will work for you too. Dogs Are My Business helps you out to start and grow a successful daycare business. Daniel is an experienced dog obedience instructor who shares all important dog obedience commands though video tutorials.

That has been a huge goal of mine for the last few years and helps me to find more meaning in the work that I do. With this website and blog, I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do online. My businesses. My strategies.



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