I’m here today in the small puppy yard working at the daycare center. Just wanted to do a video in regards to photos and video images that I’m seeing on social media from a number of sources of the business around the place. Often I get asked quite regularly about video quality, video images, what do I use, etc. I want to show you something. I’m going to pop it up right now. Alright, so here’s another image from the same center.

In that image, and I’ll throw it out to you guys, what do you think? For me it’s blurry, yes it’s at an indoor center. It’s blurry, it hasn’t been taken very well at all, there’s shadows, you can’t see the dogs, who they are. It’s really, really not a good image to be putting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We really, really need to take care, think about our photos, and think about our background of the photos. The dogs, get the dogs looking into the camera. We don’t need sophisticated equipment here. A lot of the time I take videos, videos done on my iPhone. We also have Samsung Galaxy, Android phones, they take quality images.

I really want you guys to sit down, have a think about it, before you take any images at all. That doesn’t, I know that at an indoor facility you haven’t got some of the luxuries of the outdoor facilities as in nice green grass, lighting, etc. You’ve got to think outside the square a little bit and create images, don’t just take images. I like that, that’s my new slogan from now on. Create images, don’t just take images, yeah, I like that. That’s about it for me today, but I’ll see you next week, and I’ll show you a few tips on the actual items that I use in regards to apps on our phone, and also editing on the video’s etc.