Just recently I attended a local small business networking event, which consisted of about forty-five small business owners all from varying businesses and backgrounds, but most where either single person operated or husband and wife teams.

The discussion topic was centred on social media and Google search results, however during the morning tea break I was speaking with a lovely couple Anna and Matt who owned a small Petting Farm. They mentioned to be they had a Facebook page; however they didn’t have their own website. As our discussion turned to the importance to your own website, Anna placed her cup of tea down on the table, looked at me with a very serious look on her face and said…

“Well Dan, how much does a website cost?”

Now when somebody asks me this question, and believe me I get it all the time, I not always sure they get the answer they are looking for, this question is very hard to answer.

Anna went on to explain to me that she was completely confused and had been recently quoted $5,000 for a website, and then $60.00 per hour to make any changes to images and/ or text after the website was live. Anna said honestly to me “that is way too expensive for us”

I definitely understand, as I have been in the same position.

Today let’s break down, “how much a website can cost” and the different options.

When it comes to your business website you really need to ask yourself what features and functions you would like, what type of experience you wish your potential client to receive from your website etc, etc. But a website does not have to cost much, and believe me; they can look GREAT.

Below I have broken down some options for you to consider. Please note these are initial costs and sometimes you will be required on a per annum basis to outlay for website hosting, your domain name or any security software.

1: DIY Website $100 US

I definitely am all for DIY when it comes to websites, but I do understand not everyone enjoys this.

The good news is that you do not have to be a coder or designer to create your own great looking websites, and it can take you only 15 minutes to get a basic four pages website up and running. My preferred platform is WordPress and I like to use the Studio Press theme designs, it makes things very simple. (I hear you saying, sure sure a website for $100 and up in 15 minutes)

You can event set up an E-commerce Shopify website for as little as $35 per month and customize it, without any trouble.

Well I have included a short video below, so you can actually see for yourself and follow the steps to creating a simple WordPress website.

2: Basic Website $500-$1000 US

I understand that not every small Pet Business owner has the time to create their own website/WordPress blog and even an Ecommerce website like Shopify and it much easier to have someone assist, if choose your colour, style then just provide the logo, images and content then there you go.

Boom Your Website is up and live!

You can then learn how to maintain the website yourself, add blog posts, new images all every easily.

3: Fully customized coded website $2500- $10,000

Well when it comes to a fully customized website the sky is really the limit. Whatever you want you can get. You can have all the bells and whistles, my advice; just ensure you really find the right designer and web programmer that you feel comfortable with and they listen to what you actually want and deliver on time.

I know of small business owners paying over $4,000 and waiting almost 1 year to see the results, and in the end they were not happy with it.

In summary,