Do you really know your ideal client? Do you have a customer Avatar?

When someone first mentioned to me that I needed to know who my Avatar was like, I already know, it was a Blockbuster movie.” unfortunately i was completely wrong this time.

So before I get into it, let’s start of with the definition of an Avatar?

“A customer avatar is simply a detailed profile of your target customer. Once you’ve got one you can use it to do things like: Market to and own a niche where you become “the one to go to” Hone your marketing message so it appeals to a specific someone as opposed to a generic everyone.”

If you’re starting out or even been around business for a while, Have you ever taken 15­-20 minutes to really think about your idea customer?

Do you know who your Avatar really is?

Do you consider your avatar when you post on social media?

Do you think about what magazines they read?

Do they listen to the radio? if so what stations?

This exercise is one that can help you really clarify a­lot of things when it comes to your marketing and your business direction.

Without your ideal customer avatar your marketing will be generic and ineffective. ( who wants that? ) Not me.

For example text or written copy on your website and in your emails will be boring with no real purpose or clear message.

What this means is you’ll attract less than ideal customers, you’ll confuse your readers and your business will not be fun and enjoyable.

So let’s take a look at two simple avatars:

Tom and Jenny

Tom and Jenny are a professional couple in their mid forties. They have one son, Ben in year 9 and a Labradoodle, Raspberry. Tom is an accountant and Jenny own and runs her own home wares/giftware boutique store. They have a combined annual income of $200 000. Tom drives a Luxury SUV and Jenny an Audi sports car.

Tom dabbles in the share market and they own 3 residential properties.

They have lived in West Townsville all their lives and are well respected in the community. They like to travel, travelling overseas once a year usually to Asia.

They live in Idalia ( a medium class suburb) and like to entertain at their home. Jenny goes to a yoga or Pilates session twice a week. She also goes to the hairdresser/ beautician salon every 6 weeks. She is conscious about food and like to buy organic produce.

Tom enjoys pottering around the house on the weekends and reads the paper everyday. He also read the Financial Review regularly and biographies on some weekends and holidays.

They like things to look nice, however will rate a business on good service over looks. E.g. they will go to a dingy looking restaurant if the food is sensational and have gone to many unusual places in their travels. They dis-
like rude, incompetent service.

At home they spend time as a family, going to Ben’s sport and talking to him about school. They will go out to breakfast as a family once a month and if they can will take Raspberry with them.

Jenny has a Facebook profile and may log on once or twice a week. She also has a Pintrest account. Tom is not very interested in social media.

They are looking for people they can trust with their dog, who provide good service.

Tom loves Raspberry but leaves the decisions about the dog up to Jenny.

They would take Raspberry to Doggie Daycare 3­4 times a week with a weekly hydro bath and a monthly groom.


Belinda is a 31 year old, single female. She is a real estate agent earning approximately $80 000 a year. She drives a BMW and owns her own home in North Shore,(new new housing estate) although has a flat mate to help pay the mortgage. She owns a 2 year old Maltese­Shitzu.

Belinda is very dedicated to her career but like to be social and spend her weekends with her friends. She will go out twice most weekends, starting with dinner and drinks and continuing on to Townsville’s Club scene. She regularly goes to City Lane and The Brewery.( local bars) If she was going to spend a weekend night at home she would invite a close girlfriend over have a girlie night in. She enjoys weekend coffees at Bambini’s with her friends.

She is concerned about her personal appearance and attends the gym regularly, going every week day morning and a yoga class once a week. She also gets her hair and nails once a month and treats herself to a massage every few months.

She regularly buys Cosmo and other fashion magazines. She likes brand named clothing, shoes and handbags. Belinda does not like dirty, tacky things and is very concern about keeping up appearances.

She is a regular user of social media, having a Facebook, twitter and pintrest profile.

To leave her pet at Doggie Daycare she needs to like the appearance of the centre and feel like she can trust whom she is leaving her dog with. She also needs to be reassured her dog with not get ‘picked on’ by other dogs.

Belinda would take her dog 2­3 times a week with a groom every month. She loves to buy retail products for her dog.

So there you go, two simple examples of a customer Avatar. I encourage you to spend 20 minutes on this exercise and let me know how you go below in the comments.